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renewedsoul_v's Journal

Veronica Mars
24 August 1987
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Still need to write an actual bio in here, I know. I'm a busy girl.

Information for camp_nowhere:
Player Name: Court
Player Age: 25
Contact Email: liz_guerin at livejournal.com
AIM: tessie harding 13
Other Characters Played at Camp Nowhere: Meg Manning - xmeg_manningx, and Lena Kaligaris - lennyk829.

Character Name: Veronica Mars.

Character LJ: renewedsoul_v

Fandom: Veronica Mars

Age: Falling in line with the Mac application I saw above, in that it's between S1-2, she's 17 going on 18 (end of August).

Grade they just left: 11.

Appearance: 5'1", fairly skinny, with blonde hair, and blue-green eyes.

General Background:

Quick summary of the background: Veronica's not exactly your average teenage girl, even by Neptune standards. She's the daughter of the former sheriff turned PI and he's taught her a lot of ticks along the way. To the point where she's more than capable of taking on cases herself.

She doesn't exactly meet the minimum networth requirement to fit in with the school's elite, but she was let past the velvet ropes while dating Duncan. Her mom is completely out of the picture and she's now being raised by her dad.

More info gladly upon request.

State how they got to Camp Nowhere: Example: Veronica told her dad it was a summer journalism and photography camp.

State where in canon you are taking the character from.
Again, to line up with the Mac application, Post S1, Pre-S2.

Any special superpowers, stregths, or something they are bringing: Veronica's got kickass Private Investigator skills and is pretty much an expert at stealth photography.

Where is your character from: Example: Neptune, California, which is just outside of San Diego.

Links to character/series information: